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Soar ahead on the cloud with our Cloud Managed Services

Once you’ve taken the leap into your cloud journey, you need to make sure it delivers on its potential. But real-world results often remain elusive due a lack of depth in in-house expertise, and a lack of focus on continuous improvement and optimization.

That’s where working alongside a focused and experienced partner to manage IT ops can yield significant benefits, with a specialized team of cloud experts doing what they do best. And more importantly, freeing you to focus on your core business.


Cloud Infrastructure Assessment

CloudNow’s team performs an analysis of existing infrastructure, how it is performing at present, and also where you hope to be, to chart the course for the future. Based on this in-depth assessment, we identify and define specifications for cloud infra to meet these requirements.



On the basis of the assessment carried out, we help you to select the right cloud solution to meet your specific needs from any of the leading cloud service providers. We also help you with procurement, provisioning and deployment of the solutions.

Migration Consulting

Migration Consulting

Our certified and experienced Cloud Architects then prepare a roadmap for migration, including prioritization of workloads and sprint planning to prepare the ground for a seamless migration of workloads to the cloud in the shortest possible time.

Cloud Migrate & run

Cloud Migrate & Run

Our certified Cloud Engineers execute the migration based on the plan prepared. We perform in-depth testing and validation on the cloud to ensure that the application performs as expected and meets set parameters. The cloud environment is also hardened with the implementation of security protocols.

Workload modernization

Workload Modernization

With extensive experience in application modernization, our development team can help you modernize your applications and workloads through containerization, Kubernetes, or serverless. Our DevOps practice enables CI/CD for fast and reliable releases.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

The key to smooth operations on your digital foundation is to identify issues early, detect threats, and ensure optimal performance. We achieve this with a range of automated monitoring tools, feeding into customized dashboards and notifications to ensure immediate action.

Infra Maintenance & Optimization

Infra Maintenance & Optimization

Our cloud engineers ensure that your infrastructure is well cared for, with timely updates and patches. We also continuously monitor and optimize your infra for performance and cost.


24x7 Support

Reach our support team any time through our dedicated support portal, with guaranteed fast responses backed by industry-best SLAs.

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Cloud Managed Services

CloudNow is a certified cloud partners with resources trained and experienced in managing every aspect of your all major cloud environments.

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Born on the cloud, CloudNow’s experienced cloud solutions teams can help increase business results, and mitigate challenges, on your cloud journey. From choosing the right cloud solutions to migrating and thriving on the cloud, we’re well equipped to help. Talk to us today.

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  • Accelerated value discovery through our enterprise-grade DevOps practice for managed services with continuous everything
  • Reliable and optimized operations across clouds with our platform-agnostic managed solutions that harness our expertise in GCP, Azure, AWS and more
  • Improved maintainability of modernized apps through our expertise in modern cloud technologies including microservices, Kubernetes, serverless
  • Enhanced IT continuity with an optimal blend of automated and hands-on cloud infrastructure management
  • Enhanced security and compliance of applications and data with CloudNow’s established DevSecOps practice