APIs – The Building Blocks Of Modern Technologies And Businesses

There are several technological breakthroughs which have redefined the way businesses are run. But what drives that growth and allows such technologies to take shape is the API or Application Programming Interface with which they were built. Even within the world of APIs, the term has evolved to take up multiple roles. An API is essentially an interface which enables the communication of data between the different layers and nodes of an application or between an application and a server.

For example, consider a food ordering application like Uber Eats. As the end user, you place your order after choosing values for several variables like restaurant, dish, and quantity. Once that is done, the API connects with the restaurant’s server and determines if the item in the required quantity is available. Once your order is confirmed, it sends you a notification in a human-readable format. The API even allows you to track your order based on its communication with other nodes in the system like the GPS in the delivery executive’s smart device.

Application Development Solutions and APIs

Twitter, Instagram, and Uber are examples of hugely popular applications built entirely using APIs. Such is the proliferation of APIs that they come with their own software development life cycle (SDLC). This has allowed developers to transform the way people go about doing their daily activities and has effectively connected businesses and people. The use of APIs follows an easy to understand standard which is also very accessible by mobile application developers. Once the initial proof of concept is tested and validated, APIs also make it extremely easy to scale an application.

APIs have also been instrumental in digitizing and automating several operations which would have otherwise been very time consuming to perform. Custom software development services and solutions have been used by large and small organizations alike to simplify complex tasks and improve their efficiency.

Custom Web Application Development Services

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