Cloud Computing Trends for 2019 – What can we Expect?

Technology is one of the fastest evolving parts of our lives in the 21st century. Under the extremely large umbrella that is ‘technology’, cloud computing is an area that is transforming at an exceptional speed. What does 2019 have in store for enterprises using cloud technology? Here are a few of the cloud computing trends we can expect in 2019.

Hybrid Cloud Environments will still be widely used

While ‘migration to the cloud’ is no longer an emerging trend, and is widely adopted, legacy applications which still use on-premise systems and servers haven’t completely moved to the cloud. Until companies have completed migrating all their applications to the cloud, hybrid cloud environments will still be widely used in 2019. As cloud computing costs are reducing, companies still have to consider the general trend of the cost and ensure that they are fully aware of cost-optimization trends which suit the needs of their organization.

Companies will allocate higher budgets for Backup and Data Recovery solutions

With zettabytes of data being generated by large enterprises, more money, resource and time will be allocated to sophisticated and high-end data recovery and backup services. Now that companies have a handle on how secure the cloud can be when strong security measures are implemented, companies have business critical data stored, and applications hosted, on the cloud. Any glitch during operations can put those data and applications at risk. Therefore, it is crucial to have the data backed up at regular intervals.

Data Fabrics will see faster growth

With the cloud allowing companies to deploy applications universally, the usage of data fabrics is all set to grow in 2019. Data Fabrics is an architecture which can provide consistent capabilities when it comes to accessibility. Like we mentioned earlier, the hybrid cloud will still be the most widely used model across organizations. This means that companies have to unify data access across devices and locations and provide a homogenous experience to all its users. This is exactly what Data Fabrics allows companies to do. It complements the overall service oriented efforts of organizations.

Emerging technologies will use the cloud more efficiently

Developing technology concepts like AI, IoT, wearable tech and automation will use cloud computing to come out with breakthroughs like never before. The future is moving towards making lives easier for humans and cloud computing will be an integral part of it. On its own, the benefits of cloud computing might seem impressive, but ordinary. But if we combine it with tech like IoT and Artificial Intelligence, it suddenly becomes truly revolutionary. There is no other means of data storage and universal hosting that can match the cloud. And growing industries and technologies will be sure to capitalize on this in 2019.

Cloud Security will become more powerful and widely used

Cloud security solution providers will use novel protocols and innovative architecture to provide companies with robust and virtually impenetrable security solutions. With data breaches becoming increasingly common, 2019 will see companies investing more in cloud security solutions which will effectively prevent security threats. Akku, the cloud security solution from CloudNow, exemplifies this high prioritization of security and control among organizations.

Cloud Computing has come a long way since its invention, and is sure to transform technology as we know it into services which will define how we run our lives in 2019. Let’s brace ourselves for exciting new breakthroughs and better technology solutions in the year ahead.