Five ways in which Cloud Computing has Transformed Business

Cloud computing has transformed our lives in unimaginable ways. With countless cloud-based services making our lives easier, businesses deserve credit for embracing the technology and using it to create revolutionary new services and products that we can no longer live without. By using technology to its full effect, businesses have also managed to change the ways in which they operate. Let us take a look at how cloud technology has remodeled the way in which management and businesses operate.

  1. Flexible Workplaces

Since the cloud allows companies to move most of their operations out of their premises and on to the cloud, managements have been able to give employees the benefit of working from outside the office as well. This single move has allowed employees to enjoy a better work-life balance, while also empowering them to contribute to the company irrespective of where they are. In a few more decades, using AR, VR and cloud technology, virtual offices could become the norm.

  1. Lower Overheads

By adopting cloud technology, organizations have been able to save heavily on infrastructure costs. Apart from storing zettabytes of data, the cloud also has hosting and other integration capabilities which allows companies to reduce their hardware dependencies and costs, freeing up significant funds which can now  be used for scaling their businesses.

  1. Improved Productivity

Since the cloud acts as a centralized repository for a company’s data, the efficiency of the workforce has drastically improved. A few years ago, if data had to be transferred from one resource in the purchasing department to another resource in the sales department, it wouldn’t be possible to make the transfer remotely and instantly. The employees would have to be physically present at their systems which would have the data stored on them locally. By using the cloud, numerous such situations can be dealt with easily and instantly. By enabling quick data sharing, employees of a company can serve their clients better and faster.

  1. Efficient Operations

Before the advent of cloud technology, companies would create individual files for every feedback and iteration loop, making processes cluttered, time consuming and inefficient. Nowadays, cloud service providers provide tools which allow anyone with the right access to edit and modify content on files in realtime. The most popular examples of this are Google docs, sheets and slides.

  1. Improved Data Security

The reputation of an organization can be broken if its data security is breached – in recent times, there have been several instances where large corporations have lost millions of dollars in revenue after security breaches. Therefore, cloud security solutions have become more popular and efficient to keep pace with the technology’s overall development. Akku from CloudNow Technologies is one such high-end cloud security solution which protects every entry point to your network using sophisticated yet easy to use features.

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