Think Cloud; Think Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is Google’s suite of public cloud computing services for compute, storage and application development that run on Google Cloud. Google Cloud Platform services can be used by cloud administrators, IT professionals and software developers over the internet or through a dedicated network connection.

Here are five reasons to choose Google Cloud Platform:

1.Big Data Advantages

Google Cloud Platform comes with a slew of big data technology innovations and services and frameworks for cloud data warehousing, advanced machine learning, and visual analytics, along with intelligent data processing and data preparation. These serverless data analytics solutions have the power to generate accurate insights that are capable of transforming the future of business.

2. Universal Network

According to Google, they have fiber optic cables laid even under the Pacific Ocean! Google’s network, therefore, delivers quickly and consistently, in addition to being extremely scalable.

3.Reliable Security Model

Perfected over a span of 15 years, Google’s security model – that is used for Google Apps – is exceptional. The same security model is also used to protect applications and data stored on the Google Cloud Platform.

4.Billing by the Second

With the Compute Engine services of GCP, billing is calculated per second of usage, so you don’t have to pay for what you don’t use

5.Good for the Earth

As stated by Google themselves, data centers used for the Google Cloud Platform use only half as much energy as consumed by a typical data center. Wherever possible, Google also ensures the use of renewable energy.

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