Cloud Migration For Law Firms – Here’s What Empowerment Looks Like

Law firms, compared to other businesses, tend to be more dependent on papers and local resources while working remotely to address client requests and court orders. Given the limitations of on-premise systems and understanding the need to maximize their flexibility towards addressing client needs, several law firms have made the move to the cloud.

Some of the overall benefits of the cloud, which law firms can benefit from are:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Improved compatibility
  • Minimal downtime
  • Improved data recovery and backup
  • Easy scalability
  • Seamless network access
  • Rigid network security

However, the most compelling reason for law firms to move to the cloud has to be how the cloud has eased the reporting process for advocates, thereby making client experiences better.

Usually, if a client requires a particular piece of information from the law firm regarding a case status or billing information, the lawyer in touch with the client has to raise a request with the system administrator to extract the information. Depending on the complexity of the request and how deeply the information is buried within the system, it might take hours or even days before the information reaches the client.

This has, in many cases, hampered client-lawyer relationships. With cloud computing solutions, however, the process is reduced to a few clicks and few minutes before the lawyer can pass on the necessary information to the client.

Cloud computing benefits for law firms

Case management and financial management are changing the business fundamentals of law firms. Earlier, law firms used an hourly billing to charge clients for work, whereas the focus is now shifting to an alternate and a more defined fee-structure.

Since this alternative method purely focuses on other services and capabilities that law firms can offer in addition to good lawyers, a move to the cloud is almost inevitable if top-notch services are to be offered. This helps law firms to come across as transparent and trustworthy service providers.

Cloud service providers can also enable law firms to automate repeated workflows like setting up alerts for rejected invoices or an alert for a particular search keyword.

When it comes to choosing cloud computing services for law firms, the search is more for a trusted partner than simply a vendor. For superior services and an exhaustive list of cloud services that could be of benefit to your firm, get in touch with us at CloudNow Technologies to know more.