Agile Methodology

Getting Agile Scrum right in the real world

A study by BCG found that properly implementing agile can result in: 25-35% reduction in costs 20% improvement in quality 100-200% acceleration in delivery of

Nail your Agile Scrum projects with the right tools for the job

At CloudNow, a key part of our process is the Agile Scrum methodology that we use while developing technology solutions. We run our agile processes

Small Teams Achieve Big Goals – with the Right Approach!

Timely delivery of products and services is an important aspect of superior customer experience. Often, this is a big challenge for companies with small teams

Waterfall Vs Agile – Which one is right for you?

For most IT companies, the first thing to be discussed before starting a project is whether to follow the Waterfall or Agile method of software

Agile vs. DevOps: The Similarities and Differences

Agile and DevOps are two of the most widely used software methodologies today, with countless arguments that debate their respective merits. Though the two methodologies

Key Concepts of Agile Software Development

Agile is an encapsulation of efficient methodologies which lay out a responsive working style to build software applications. It is based on a tight feedback

An Agile Product Backlog for a Strong Product

Have you ever wondered how to select and prioritize features when developing a new product? While following the SDLC method of software development, new ideas