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What is the secret sauce that differentiates a technologically modern application from a legacy one? Here are some key technologies and techniques that make all

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A lot has been said about the benefits of Microservices – and most of it is true. However, here are a few antipatterns – practices

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“The Millennial Disruption Index,” a three-year study conducted among 10,000 millennials, revealed some shocking facts – and not one of them looks good for the

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Cloud technology allows organizations from around the world to embrace business models that are more agile and responsive. In a world that is becoming increasingly

Serverless Architecture – The What, When and Why

What is it? Serverless architecture, also known as serverless computing, Function as a Service (FaaS), or simply “serverless”, is a cloud computing execution model where

An Introductory Guide to Microservices Architecture

The terms ‘Microservices’ and ‘Microservices Architecture’ refer to the same thing – the technique of developing a software application as a collection of loosely coupled

How to Choose a Mobile Application Development Company?

The smartphone has become an indispensable tool to businesses -both in the delivery of services and in improving operational efficiency. You’ve probably already considered developing

Important Things to Consider Before Web Application Modernization

The modernization of your legacy web application to harness the power and flexibility of the cloud is a process that involves considerable time, effort, resources,

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There are several technological breakthroughs which have redefined the way businesses are run. But what drives that growth and allows such technologies to take shape

Agile is powerful – but it isn’t magic

Agile is a powerful new approach to the way the software development lifecycle is viewed, and delivers significant benefits in terms of productivity, development timelines