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Infrastructure Automation: What is it? What does it do?

Infrastructure automation encompasses the various stages in the process of scripting environments, right from the installation of operating systems, to configuring how different software communicate

Moving SAP to the Cloud: 7 Essential Stages of the Migration Process

SAP is an enterprise-grade ERP that covers almost every aspect of business management. Migrating your SAP workloads to the cloud can help your enterprise become

How Migration to the Cloud has Enabled Banking Firms to Stay Ahead of the Curve

The most remarkable benefit of the cloud is the capability to facilitate a seamless model of operations for a large number of users and customers;

6 Reasons Why Establishing a Data Warehouse in the Cloud is Beneficial to Enterprises

Data warehouses are a critical aspect of an enterprise’s operations; they integrate and aggregate data from multiple sources for analysis and decision-making. Today, as business

Cloud Security: 3 Steps towards ensuring your data on the cloud is safe

Back in January 2018, LogicMonitor conducted a study – Cloud Vision 2020: The Future of Cloud – that claims that by 2020, 83 percent of

The Time is Now: Move your ERP to the Cloud

If you have been contemplating cloud adoption but putting it off for various reasons – security concerns, apprehensions about tangible benefits, and so on –

Key Redundancies in Cloud Architecture

In cloud architecture, redundancy refers to backing up of data to ensure business continuity for organizations. Redundancy, if built into an organization’s cloud architecture, can

Why Cloud Migrations Fail

Do cloud migrations fail? Yes, they do, if you make one or more of these mistakes! 1. There is a mismatch between your need and