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G Suite Or Office Exchange (In-house)

A Comparison
Maybe your business has outgrown its server and you are contemplating a replacement, or perhaps your server is outdated and does not support your business

Google Vault

Features & Advantages
Google Vault plays an important role in the G Suite, but it is not well- known. It is basically an add-on for Google Apps to

Google Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EAM)

An Insight
There are no businesses today that can survive without Internet access – whether it is their website, internal applications or allowing collaboration between employees. The

Why Should Companies ‘Go Google!’?

The Cloud Advantage
Once a company has decided to opt for cloud technology, they are faced with the decision of which vendor to choose from in particular. There

Google for Work Vs Microsoft Office 365

A Comparison
For a company that is looking to implement cloud-based enterprise applications, the choice generally comes down to Google Apps for Work and Office 365. Although