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Think Cloud; Think Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is Google’s suite of public cloud computing services for compute, storage and application development that run on Google Cloud. Google Cloud Platform

Cloud, Local And Hybrid Servers – Which Should You Choose?

Building your AI and ML stack

With the cloud fuelling the next round of digital transformation, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) should have become easier. However, for most

G Suite Or Office Exchange (In-house)

A Comparison
Maybe your business has outgrown its server and you are contemplating a replacement, or perhaps your server is outdated and does not support your business

Do I Need a G Suite Partner to Move to Google?

How does a G Suite Partner help you in moving to Google?
Once the decision to move to Google Apps for Business has been made, the next step is on the migration process. The typical questions that

Why Discounted Prices Equal Discounted Services?

Price is Not Everything in Choosing a Product
Aggressive product marketing is a common trait among brands. Getting their products or services to their customers matter the most and as a result compromises

Why Should Companies ‘Go Google!’?

The Cloud Advantage
Once a company has decided to opt for cloud technology, they are faced with the decision of which vendor to choose from in particular. There

Google for Work Vs Microsoft Office 365

A Comparison
For a company that is looking to implement cloud-based enterprise applications, the choice generally comes down to Google Apps for Work and Office 365. Although