Application Development

Getting UX right: The importance of application sound design

For an immersive user experience, the user’s senses need to be involved to the extent possible. While buzzes and vibrations stimulate the sense of touch,

Founding a tech startup, but no tech background? Here’s how to get started.

You have a business idea that you want to take to market. But the core of the idea is technology – say, an application –

Enterprise digital transformation for one of India’s leading garment manufacturers

We recently had the opportunity to work with a leading Indian garment manufacturer who manufactures clothes on a white-label basis for several leading multinational brands. 

Kubernetes vs Serverless – How do you choose?

Kubernetes vs Serverless – the debate has been on for a while now. Which approach offers better agility, scalability and computing performance? And the answer

Container Orchestration 101

Container Orchestration is the process of automating the management and scheduling of individual application containers or micro-services across clusters of data, without the need for

5 ways that container tech can benefit your business

Containerization of applications plays a major role in how modern, cloud-based applications are built. Market research firm, 451 Research, projects a 40% CAGR in the

3 key technologies for modern application development

What is the secret sauce that differentiates a technologically modern application from a legacy one? Here are some key technologies and techniques that make all

4 ‘UI=UX’ Myths Busted: Get To Know The Differences

User Interface design (UI) and User Experience design (UX) are two elements of any product, website or app that work closely together but aren’t the

Advantages of implementing chatbots for your business

Chatbots are everywhere today – many tech experts believe that we have merely scratched the surface in this field – in fact, some are convinced

The Advantages of Building Cloud-native Applications

Cloud technology allows organizations from around the world to embrace business models that are more agile and responsive. In a world that is becoming increasingly